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Fundraising Opportunities for Non-Profits

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We donate significant time and resources throughout the year to support not-for-profit organizations. Each year, we assist dozens of organizations with their fundraising efforts. Below are descriptions of four effective strategies for generating charitable donations.

1. Live Auction

Auctioneers Kaja Veilleux and John Bottero conduct dozens of live auctions each year for the purpose of non-profit organization fundraising. Once you have collected the items to be offered and promoted your event, either Kaja or John would be happy to serve as your auctioneer. We have sold everything from Dolls to Diamonds and Teacups to Travel packages; and we have a lot of fun in the process! The cost to your organization for this service is absolutely zero.

2. Appraisal Fair

Another fundraising option is to organize and promote an event at a central location where local people bring their treasured items for valuation by one or more of our team of expert appraisers. Funds are raised by requesting a donation for each appraisal. Appraisal fairs are fun and informative events that are always salted with unexpected surprises. We supply the appraisers and your organization drums up the crowd. We suggest that you charge a donation for each item appraised, and 100% of money raised goes to your organization or project.

3. Mobile Appraisal Coach

From May to October, our unique and highly popular Mobile Appraisal Coach (MAC) travels to appraisal fundraiser events throughout Maine and New England. As featured on Bill Green's Maine and in Architectural Digest magazine, the MAC comes fully equipped with a waiting area, appraiser's office and tools of the trade. A MAC event is very similar to an appraisal fair, but the set up is simpler. Best of all, the MAC attracts attention wherever it goes-creating even more visibility for your event and organization.

4. Gifts for Good

Maintaining a year-round cash flow can be a challenge for most not-for-profits. That is why we created Gifts for Good.

This program can help your organization receive ongoing donations income without the need to constantly hold events or ask your membership for more money.

Here's how it works. At any time, people can donate antiques or works of art to your organization. Your organization would consign these items to us, and we would offer them at one of our regular, internationally promoted sales.

These consignments would be at a significantly reduced commission rate, so when the items are sold, a greater proportion of the proceeds will go back to your group. These donated objects can be consigned at your group's appraisal event, or at any other time throughout the year.

Keys to a Successful Fundraiser

We will contribute our extensive experience in antiques and fine art to your fundraiser, but your ultimate success is grounded in flawless execution. Four controllable factors tend to have major impact on the outcome of fundraising programs:

Planning (your thorough planning of the details, with back-up plans for all contingencies)

  • Choose your event date carefully to maximize local participation.
  • Secure a visible, easily accessible location with sufficient space and parking for the event
  • Ensure you have all the materials you need well in advance
  • If you are implementing an auction, Solicit items with high desirability.
  • Enlist sufficient volunteer support to staff your event

Promotion/Publicity (your effectiveness in generating interest and participation in the fundraising program or event)

Price (your suggested fee or donation requested from participants in your event)peristence (your tenacity and follow through, including post event "thank yous")

Thomaston Place representatives presenting a check for $18,000 from a recent auction to benefit local charities supporting Maine's youth

Each year Kaja Veilleux and Thomaston Place Auction Gallery donate many hours to Maine Non-Profit organizations. Through our entertaining and innovative auction fundraising program, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the following groups who we are proud to be affiliated with:

Call Carol to discuss how we can assist with your fundraising needs.

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