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Frequently Asked Questions about Appraisals

"Should we get an appraisal?"
That all depends. Do you need it for insurance reasons? Are you thinking of selling the items? Do you want to know how much your things are worth so that your heirs are treated equally in your will? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we suggest that you consider doing it.

"How much does it cost and what do you do?"
Our services are not cheap, but neither is the job you get. We're fast, efficient, and we know what we're doing, so in the long run, the knowledge you gain from us helps you make money. We believe we're the best and most informed professionals you can hire, and we do as much work in an hour as some do in three or four...so the old adage is, you get what you pay for and we'd be happy to discuss that with you.

"We're thinking about moving to a smaller place, but we don't know if our things are worth enough for you to bother with."
Let us be the judge of that. We can't tell you how often people think their things are worthless only to find out the opposite was true...too late. We're on the road almost every day and will gladly stop by, take a look and give you our opinion at no charge.

"My parents just passed away. What should we do with all this stuff?"
After the death of a loved one, the grieving process is so draining that often the very idea of dealing with the remaining house and contents can be overwhelming. We are very sensitive to this and, because of our experience in this area, can thoughtfully help you through these steps. After discussing which things you'd like to keep, and what your time frame is, you can turn the work and details over to us.

"What if we live out of state and have to do this right away?"
We'd be lying if we casually said, "No problem", because sometimes there is (like when several people want us to empty their houses all on the same day with no notice!). But we have an efficient and hard-working crew and we almost always get the job done when you need it done.

"Can I feel assured that I won't be pressured about this?"
We guarantee that you will never be pressured by anyone in our company! We dislike hearing stories from customers who have felt pressured by others to sell their things, and we won't do it. We don't have to; we have plenty of business without resorting to those tactics. These are your things and we respect your ability to make the wisest decisions concerning them.

Free Appraisal Days

Every Tuesday Kaja Veilleux welcomes people from near and far with one item or a car full, and at no charge, gives a verbal estimate of the fair market value of the art, antiques and collectibles brought for his inspection. Nothing is too insignificant, he assures everyone, because knowledge ensures good decisions.

Sometimes people are delightfully surprised by the value of their items and decide to sell immediately for a fixed offer, or take a gamble on its value by consigning it to an auction. Others are disappointed with the news that their items have more family value than monetary value. But most everyone leaves with the ability to make better decisions about what to do with their heirlooms either for estate planning purposes, insurance purposes, or simply to know how to price the item for that annual yard sale.

Tuesdays: 10 am to noon, and 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Thomaston Auction Gallery, Route 1, Thomaston (207-354-8141)